Ever heard of Nikola Tesla?

Probably not, but I bet you´ve heard of Thomas Edison.

Nikola Tesla was as famous in his day as Albert Einstein. Alot of people think that Tesla, not Edison, is the father of electricity. Edison and Tesla spent a lot of time arguing (they were rivals) and some of their time working together.

(Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla both spent a lot of time making Electrical Conductors as Science Experiments)

The biggest problem that Tesla had is that he thought electricity should be free. Yep, free! Unlike Edison, who spent most of his time looking for ways to make money, Tesla was looking for a way to ´broadcast´ electricity. That means that everyone could just take electricity out of the air – the same way we do with mobile internet.

If you like, you can learn how to make your own Electrical Conductors as Science Experiments.

Wanting electicity to be free was not very popular with the people who like to charge for it. Tesla didn´t care about money, and that made him a bit strange to lots of people. In fact, twice when Thomas Edision´s business needed some BIG help, Tesla figured out the answers that Edison wasn´t able to. He didn´t even get mad when Edison refused to pay him!

Tesla is the unsung hero of electricity. He invented the Alternating Current (that´s the ´AC´ bit in AC/DC. You will find out all about that if you make an Electrical Conductor as a Science Experiment.Tesla also told us alot of what we we know about robotics, remote control, radar, ballistics and nuclear physics. And this is all in a time when having a light bulb in your house was a really big deal!

If you like science, you have to like Nikola Tesla.

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