Smart People Live Longer

 It´s true! People who have a high IQ live longer than people who have a lower IQ. An IQ is a number you get when take an Intelligence Quotient test. It is supposed to show how smart you are.

It doesn´t matter if you have a high IQ or a low IQ when it comes to dying naturally. Heart disease, cancer and those sort of things affest everyone in basically the same way. But ACCIDENTAL deaths are another story. A study done in Sweden showed that accidental deaths (like poisoning, drowning, falling off tall buildings) happen more often to people with a low IQ. This means that more people with a low IQ die than people with a high IQ! Maybe you could study something like this in a Science Fair Project

It is not a nice thought, but the Swedish scientists think that people with a low IQ you are more likely to get into dangerous situations. This might be because of the work that they have to do. Or It might be because they are not very good at thinking about things before they do them. (Thinking about things before you do them is pretty important in any good Science Fair Project. )

Whatever the reason, I don´t think the Darwin Awards will be going away in a hurry. If you don´t know what the Darwin Awards are: they are awards that are given out every year posthumously (posthumously is when someone is already dead). A Darwin Award is given to people who have died in really dumb ways and have done the human race a favour by taking themselves out of the gene pool. It´s mean, but pretty funny! These award recipients are not going to be putting together this year´s winning Science Fair Project

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